Monday, 21 November 2011


Which two out of the five boxes should i keep going in the new year?  Thats the decision i have to make soon.  So far my favourite is the Boudoir Privie one, with Feel Unique a close second, but i really like the original Glossybox.  Which are your favourites so far and why?x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


This weekend i visited Paris.,  One of the highlights of my trip there was going to be a look round the beauty store Sephora.  After watching many a You Tube video this store to me sounded like the place to go for everything beauty related so i was expecting the magnificent, not so. First of all i had a list of a few must buys, Lorac babydoll lipstick, Tarte amazon blusher, Fresh sugar lip treatment, and Mac eyeshadow in Soft Brown, non of which are available in England.  What a huge disappointment to find out they had non of the items on my list.  But the worst thing was the sales assistants were out right rude to me, unhelpful, stoney faced and like i said RUDE.  After looking forward to visiting this store for so long it was a huge let down in every sense of the word, even the staff who were on the Mac counter and i presume work for Mac were just awful to me.  I couldnt wait to get out of the place.  

I found Paris itself to be a beautiful enchanting city but the French people i had dealings with were just horrible, so i will never visit this city again, which is a real shame.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Mac Surf Baby Haul, pictures, swatches and mini review (May 2011)


Left to right. My Paradise Cheek Colour Orange Section,  then the gold overspray.  Next is Short Shorts Eyeshadow and lastly is the Naturally Eccentric lipstick swatch.  I didnt swatch the pencil as i wouldnt have shown up.

My Paradise Cheek Powder.
This is a blusher to me,  its an orange colour, but not too bright,  its similar to Mac Instant Chic, Peaches, Melba and is totally different to the likes of Mac Ripe Peach and Mac Marine Life.  They have more of a coral tone to them whereas My Paradise to me is orange.  The overspray is a gold colour, which i dont like and i hope it disappears after a few swipes of the brush.  All in all i do like this cheek powder but the colour is nothing unique and if i had swatched it in person i probably wouldnt have bought it.

Gilded White Powerpoint Pencil. (not swatched)
This instantly said to me inner tear duct and i tried it today and it looks lovely, it brightens up to eyes and i will use it for that purpose only.  Its a yellowy gold shimmer colour with a smooth application so im pleased with this.  Is very different from the I Get No Kick pencil that was out a few months back which was from the Cham Pale collection.

Short Shorts Eyeshadow.
Im pretty sure this is a frost formulation,  its a pale white gold colour, it very much reminds me of Purist by Bareminerals.  I wore it today on its own just with black mascara and it looked lovely.  You could also use this shadow for the inner tear duct area as its a pale colour.  It hasnt got that icy white shimmer to it which i hate, its just a really nice colour to brighten the eye.

Naturally Eccentric Lipstick.
This is a very pale nude, much paler than i expected,  i recently bought Mac Playing Koi and that is so dry i decided to put Naturally Eccentric over it and its a perfect combination.  Naturally Eccentric is a lustre and doesnt look right on its own  with my beloved Mac Subculture lip liner (too thin looking if you know what i mean, kind of see through)  so it will be a top up lipstick, one i wear over Playing Koi and Myth etc.  Its nice and creamy and very similar to Mac Equality (All ages, all sexes, etc) collection from last year.

So im pretty pleased with everything,  the thing i thought i would love the most is the thing i love the least and thats the My Paradise,  its not a patch on Mac Ripe Peach and Mac Marine Life.  I probably will give it to my daughter or mum.

All items mentioned on my blog are bought by myself with my own money.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mac Surf Baby Haul

So the Mac Surf Baby collection came out today on-line here in England.  I ordered at dinnertime as i didnt want things to sell out fast like in the Quite Cute collection.

I ordered the things i already knew i wanted for sure which are:

Mac My Paradise cheek colour (peach colour with a lovely gold flower on it)
Mac Gilded White powerpoint eyeliner (white with a hint of gold)
Mac Naturally Eccentric lipstick ( very pale nude)
Mac Short Shorts eyeshadow ( white champagne colour)

I was going to order one of the sun tints but i wasnt sure which colour would suit me best so i will have a look at that in person when its out in store.

The whole lot came to just short of £59.00,  its quite alot but i do like Mac products, there good quality and you get a good amount of product for your money.

From the Quite Cute collection i only bought Playing Koi lipstick so i was quite good there and didtnt spend too much on that collection ha ha.

I will show photos of the products when they arrive on Thursday.


Saturday, 30 April 2011

What im going to buy soon.

Ive been saving up for a number of things lately,  here's what im going to buy soon.

mac naturally eccentric lipstick
mac short shorts eyeshadow
mac my paradise blusher
mac gilded white eyeliner

all of the above are due out in the Mac Surf Baby collection in May in the uk.

I might also look at the alpha girl beauty power from another collection that comes out on the same day i think the collection is called Fashion Flower.  It looks a lovely soft peachy pink colour.

Im also going to buy some Clinique cleansing balm, as its one of the only cleansers that removes my Estee Lauder doublewear foundation.  Ive used 3 tubs of this and until i find something better i will repeat buy.

Please follow me and tell me what make up products your going to buy soon.


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mac Playing Koi lipstick (Quite Cute collection) Dupe.

I received Mac Playing Koi lipstick today, i though it would be similar to Mac Myth with the description saying it was a peach toned satin lipstick.  To me its a light pink, nothing like Myth at all, no blue tones which is good in my book as i hate anything blue toned in lipsticks and blushers.

Anyway when i applied the lipstick it actually reminded me of a matte lipstick as there was no sheen at all to it.  I had to apply a balm over the top to stop it feeling so dry, which i didnt mind.  The colour instantly reminded me of another lipstick in my collection called India by NYX,  so if you have that one theres probably no need for the Mac one.

Thats all i bought from this collection which is quite good for me.  But i am saving up for 4 products from the Surf collection in May by Mac, or is it Surf Baby, i forget.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Make up Guru's im loving

Glitterdollz7,  im pretty sure shes a geordie, they are always down to earth people,  shes a sweet girl, and so talented, i daily check for her tutorials, ive learnt so much from them.

Make up geek,  she was the very first guru i started to watch about 2 years ago and i still enjoy her tutorials, she makes it look so easy and the end results are always stunning.

Bombshellsuite,  this girl is always smiling and her videos cheer me up, her make up look is nearly always nude and neutral, which is a look i love, so im always interested in her hauls and what new nude things shes bought.

Juicytuesday,  shes always hyper ha ha, thats just her personality, shes a sweetheart and her videos are always enjoyable.

Bunzie13,  very educational tutorials and she always zooms in close so you can really see how shes applying her eye make up. She also does great favourite videos.

Hollyymbb,  a down to earth guru who likes all the colours of make up that i like too, nudes and corals, so her videos and blogs are right up my street.

2 people i miss as they dont blog or do videos anymore;

Lollipop 26,  very calm and funny girl.  Come back please ha ha.
The Gloss goss,  blogs always made me laugh. Come back please ha ha.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mac Bite of and Apple Dupe

While out shopping the other day a blusher caught my eye, i knew id seen a similar colour before but couldnt think what, then i remembered, i swatched the blusher and knew it was almost identical, so i bought two as the blusher was only £3.49 approx each.

I love the blusher as much if not more than the Mac Bite of an Apple blush,  the only difference apart from the price is the Mac one is slightly more peach toned than pink, but only very slightly.

I will post pictures shortly if anyone is interested, and if anyone is desperate to know then please message me and i will tell you the name of it.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Mac Wonder Woman images and review.

So i bought these 2 products from Selfridges on-line the morning they were released on Wednesday i think, they came the next day which was great as it said it might be 3 to 5 days delivery, but i know DHL are pretty quick as they also deliver my Mac on-line orders  fast too.

The products are both from the Mac Wonder Woman range which is due to be released early March (the first Thursday of the month, probably the Tuesday before on-line, (dont quote me).

The product on the left is a Mineralized Skin finish called Pink Power,  it has a highlighter at the top, a matte bronzer in the middle and a pink blusher at the bottom.  Ive tried the highlighter and its really nice, shimmering and pearly beige, but not the icy white finish which i hate.  The bronzer is just a basic matte bronzer, natural looking, not much else to say about it.  The blusher is a sweet pink colour, no blue tone to it, which i also hate.

The product on the right of the picture above is a blusher called Mighty Aphrodite,  its a nice peach on top with i believe is a frost and a pink on the bottom which is satin,  ive tried this swirled together and it gives a nice pinky peach glow to the skin and looks lovely.

The packing i do like,  yes its quirky but its a nice change from the sometimes boring black packaging, its bright and will be easy to see in my bag.  The quality of the packaging is very good.

The only bad thing i have to say is that i wish the MSF had a mirror to it, but i supposed with the dome shape of the product itself that would be impossible as it wouldnt close.  It really does look like there is a mirror missing from it and its dropped out or something, but thats the only negative i have on the items.

Overall im happy with both of them and im glad i bought them,  i think they were value for money. 

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mac Wonder Woman

Today i have ordered 2 things from the long awaited Mac Wonder Woman collection,  its been out quite a while in America and have seen a few you tube haul videos etc so i already knew what i wanted. (why do we get all the collections later here in the uk?)

I ordered Mighty Aphrodite duo blusher and the  Pink Power MSF.

Thats all that took my eye really,  i am trying to cut down all buying make up and limiting myself to a couple of items a month.

They both look great and when they arrived i will post pictures and do a quick review (i am expecting the delivery Friday or Saturday).

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mac attack

So i went into town again today as i was bored and couldnt face doing much of anything.  After picking up a Starbucks strawberry frappucino i decided to have a look at the Mac counter as there were quite a few eyeshadows on my wish list and thought i might pick one of them up.  This is what i actually bought;

Mac Ricepaper eyeshadow,  i would describe this as a very nice golden beige,  i love just putting a wash of colour over the lid when im in a rush and cant decide what colour to go for and this eyeshadow fits the bill perfect.  I think its a frost colour but when i tried it on it gave a nice glow to my eyes without the harsh white icy finish that some eyeshadows have and that i actually hate.

Mac Grain eyeshadow,  i have no clue what this eyeshadow colour is really as i havnt tried it yet.  I wanted a peach colour something similar to Orb maybe darker,  peach eyeshadows are really hard to find so i settled on this one.  It looks like a neutral pale peach,  its a satin,  so the finish should be nice.

Mac Warm Soul mineralized blusher,  i had my eye on Margin blusher but had heard good reviews about Warm Soul so i swatched them both together to decide which i wanted.  They are very similar in colour, a sort of peachy brown colour, but not dark at all.  I went for the Warm Soul as the finish looked nicer and it was a little bit lighter in colour.  Im very pale so i think i made a good choice as on it gives a lovely glow to the skin.  I really wanted a blush that would go with any lipstick and eyeshadow colour and that i didnt need a highlighter for when im in a rush.

In-store they were sampling the new Marc Jacobs perfume but i already had perfume on so the assistant gave me a small sample bottle to take away,  i think its a lighter version of the Daisy perfume and it smelt lovely,  im pretty sure its called Daisy Eau So Fresh.

Friday, 4 February 2011

February haul

hi all,

I was quite shocked at how little i bought on a recent shopping trip,  I went to Mac and there was only the
Peacocky range that appealed to me so I bought and eyeshadow called Peek at you,  its a beige gold colour and really nice as a base or neutral every day shadow.  I also bought a Decleor Wrinkle prevention eye cream, wow, i love it, it leaves no stickiness on the skin at all,  my under eyes feel so smooth and comforted,  I will see if it improves my dark circles and wrinkles, i mean laughter lines.

Actually,  now that i havnt blown the budget i can get a few things next month from the Mac Wonder Woman range.  I will try and post pictures of the stuff im gabbering onabout soon as my daughter is going to give me a lesson on how to download pictures onto my blog.

bye bye for now.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mac Wonder Woman

Hi all,
I wish the Mac Wonder Woman had been launched today here in the UK  like it has been in the USA.  I do wonder why we have to wait another month, its just not fair boo hoo.   Ive already chose 2 items im going to buy so i will just have to be patient.  The Mac Peacocky range is going on-line today and normally i do buy that way but im not sure about a few things so im going to check it out at my local (ish) store on thursday instead.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Make-up im loving in January 2011

Here is a little list of the products ive been reaching for alot this month;

Estee Lauder double wear foundation, I wear this daily and have done for years,  its a great coverage and it lasts all day,  i use the shade Ecru, im very pale and this shade is the second to palest in their colour range i think but it doesnt make me look washed out or anything.

Mac subculture lipliner,  this is my most worn lipliner,  its a very pale nude which goes with peach and pink lipsticks,  i really do love this lipliner and hope its never discontinued or i will be broke as i would have to buy at least 10 as back ups.

Clinique brow pencil in Blonde,  I have used many brow pencils but always find myself returning to this one as it matches my brows perfect.  Although the colour is called blonde dont think it will be too light as im brunette and its dark enough for me.  I find brow pencils, even the pale ones once applied seem to be dark on,  strange but true.

Mac By candlelight highlighter,  this was a limited edition highlighter  but it was brought out twice in 2010,  i missed it the first time and regretted it so got it the second time around. Its a really lovely pinky/peachy gold colour thats pale and goes with all my blushers.  I would buy a back up if Mac re-promoted this again, but i wouldnt pay double the price for it now if i could track it down as i think it will last me a very long time.

Elf natural nymph lipstick,  i have 3 of these, one in my make up drawer, one in my bag and one in my drawer at work oh actually i have 4 as i have one in my kitchen for when i need a touch up.  This lipstick is soft and creamy,  great quality, cheap to buy, fragrance free and the colour is an amazing nude, what more can i say.

Mac Peachykeen blusher,  ive re-purchased this 3 times, i love it,  it add a lovely glow to the skin and i never get fed up of wearing it.

Beauty Rush lipgloss,  i have no idea where i got this lipgloss,  as there not sold in England i must have bought it on e bay,  its called strawberry fizz or something, its a pale pink with a very slight gold to it.  Ive tons of lipglossess but this is the most shiny one and it doesnt remove your lipstick when you apply.  The taste is also delicious yum yum (obviously they are not for eating).

Mac Blanc type eyeshadow,  ive hit pan on this eyeshadow because whether im going to use a eyeshadow or not i use this to set the foundation on my eyes as there oily.  Its great on its own or as a base for other colour over it.  Will buy again when its totally gone.

Desperately seeking......

Over the past year i have been watching You Tube videos i think i have been quite restrained in buying things that have been on other peoples haul videos etc.  I have only really buying what i need and whats unique to my collection.  But there have been a few things that have cropped up and that i really want to buy but cannot get hold of  ,not in the shops, not on internet sites or even e bay.  You see in England we dont have a lot of beauty stores really,  we still dont have a Sephora store,  i think they have a store in every other country in the world but here ha ha. The things i want and maybe i will have to get them on my next hoilday are;

Mac Tippy blusher,  i wont hold my breath as it was limited edition from the Hello Kitty range.
Lorac Baby Doll lipstick,  again no Lorac counter here and as i said no Sephora.
Lorac Serenity eyeshadow,  as above.
Cedaphil produts.
Embryolisso products.

Lush haul

I only bought a few things beauty wise this week as i am saving my money for the Mac Wonder Woman collection which i believe is out in March here in England.

2 Lush comforter bubble bars,  they smell delicious and i cut mine into 3 so that they last longer.
I Love Juicy shampoo,  i have used this for a while now and i have never come across a shampoo that i love as much as this one, its so fruity and it really is uplifting.
I also asked for a sample of the i think its called Love Birds soap (not sure about the name) but its their newest soap.  It smells very fresh and theres just enough to use for a week or so from the sample i was given.

A few other things;
I bought a load of things from the Body shop strawberry range, which smells lovely,  i got shower gel,  shower scrub, body butter and the body lotion oh and a lip gloss.  The whole range smells great,  to me like strawberry yogurt.  The lotion comes in a pump and theres no sticky after feel, which i like as i hate my skin to feel tacky.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Seek and ye shall find.

For a full year i have been searching for a blusher that i heard was great and i just couldnt accept that i didnt have this in my collection,  the blusher in question was Mac's Fun and games from the hello kitty collection,  i originally saw this blusher in a cco a few miles away but decided against it and went for the pretty baby beauty powder instead, but then as i regretted not buying it i decided to go back for it, well you guessed it was gone, oh well, no not oh well,  i was on a mission.  After endless searching on some brilliant mac and other high end  discontinued product sites i nearly gave up, then i saw one on e bay and bought it straight away despite it been way over priced.  So the search is over and its now in my possession, was it worth the wait?  yes, i love it and now i just might try and find its little sister in the collection called Tippy, who knows i might strike lucky and find this one too.

Monday, 17 January 2011


hi everyone,  here is a list of recent beauty buys that im loving right now;

Mac Gana blusher,
im loving this blusher but to me it should be called a highlighter, it is a creamy beige colour that gives the skin a lovely glow to it.

Mac Chez Chez Lame highlighter,
this is a really nice gold coloured highlighter which looks good with all blusher colours.

Mac I Get No Kick eye kohl,
a shimmering nude pencil that looks lovely on the tear duct area and waterline.  I have nothing like this in my collection and it will make a nice change to use this instead of my Mac Fasinating pencil (which i still love).  I also have the NC15 Cromagraphic pencil,  which is ok but just a little bit dark for my waterline but its also great to cover up spots and to perfect under your eyebrows,  so wouldnt be without it really.

Benefits Sippin and Dippin Creaseless Cream eyeshadow,
i was going to buy Macs Rubinesque paint pot but wasnt sure whether it would be too pink for me so i opted for this one instead and im really liking it,  i still might buy the Rubinesque but i need to try in on my eyes at the counter first.

thats just about it for this weeks beauty buys,  im going to try and buy unique products that i havnt already got in my collection this year and use and enjoy the make up i already have.

Products im lusting after,

Macs Peek At You eyeshadow
Lorac Baby Doll lipstick
Macs Wonder Woman collection,  3 things are calling my name ha ha.