Saturday, 19 February 2011

Mac Wonder Woman images and review.

So i bought these 2 products from Selfridges on-line the morning they were released on Wednesday i think, they came the next day which was great as it said it might be 3 to 5 days delivery, but i know DHL are pretty quick as they also deliver my Mac on-line orders  fast too.

The products are both from the Mac Wonder Woman range which is due to be released early March (the first Thursday of the month, probably the Tuesday before on-line, (dont quote me).

The product on the left is a Mineralized Skin finish called Pink Power,  it has a highlighter at the top, a matte bronzer in the middle and a pink blusher at the bottom.  Ive tried the highlighter and its really nice, shimmering and pearly beige, but not the icy white finish which i hate.  The bronzer is just a basic matte bronzer, natural looking, not much else to say about it.  The blusher is a sweet pink colour, no blue tone to it, which i also hate.

The product on the right of the picture above is a blusher called Mighty Aphrodite,  its a nice peach on top with i believe is a frost and a pink on the bottom which is satin,  ive tried this swirled together and it gives a nice pinky peach glow to the skin and looks lovely.

The packing i do like,  yes its quirky but its a nice change from the sometimes boring black packaging, its bright and will be easy to see in my bag.  The quality of the packaging is very good.

The only bad thing i have to say is that i wish the MSF had a mirror to it, but i supposed with the dome shape of the product itself that would be impossible as it wouldnt close.  It really does look like there is a mirror missing from it and its dropped out or something, but thats the only negative i have on the items.

Overall im happy with both of them and im glad i bought them,  i think they were value for money. 

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mac Wonder Woman

Today i have ordered 2 things from the long awaited Mac Wonder Woman collection,  its been out quite a while in America and have seen a few you tube haul videos etc so i already knew what i wanted. (why do we get all the collections later here in the uk?)

I ordered Mighty Aphrodite duo blusher and the  Pink Power MSF.

Thats all that took my eye really,  i am trying to cut down all buying make up and limiting myself to a couple of items a month.

They both look great and when they arrived i will post pictures and do a quick review (i am expecting the delivery Friday or Saturday).

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mac attack

So i went into town again today as i was bored and couldnt face doing much of anything.  After picking up a Starbucks strawberry frappucino i decided to have a look at the Mac counter as there were quite a few eyeshadows on my wish list and thought i might pick one of them up.  This is what i actually bought;

Mac Ricepaper eyeshadow,  i would describe this as a very nice golden beige,  i love just putting a wash of colour over the lid when im in a rush and cant decide what colour to go for and this eyeshadow fits the bill perfect.  I think its a frost colour but when i tried it on it gave a nice glow to my eyes without the harsh white icy finish that some eyeshadows have and that i actually hate.

Mac Grain eyeshadow,  i have no clue what this eyeshadow colour is really as i havnt tried it yet.  I wanted a peach colour something similar to Orb maybe darker,  peach eyeshadows are really hard to find so i settled on this one.  It looks like a neutral pale peach,  its a satin,  so the finish should be nice.

Mac Warm Soul mineralized blusher,  i had my eye on Margin blusher but had heard good reviews about Warm Soul so i swatched them both together to decide which i wanted.  They are very similar in colour, a sort of peachy brown colour, but not dark at all.  I went for the Warm Soul as the finish looked nicer and it was a little bit lighter in colour.  Im very pale so i think i made a good choice as on it gives a lovely glow to the skin.  I really wanted a blush that would go with any lipstick and eyeshadow colour and that i didnt need a highlighter for when im in a rush.

In-store they were sampling the new Marc Jacobs perfume but i already had perfume on so the assistant gave me a small sample bottle to take away,  i think its a lighter version of the Daisy perfume and it smelt lovely,  im pretty sure its called Daisy Eau So Fresh.

Friday, 4 February 2011

February haul

hi all,

I was quite shocked at how little i bought on a recent shopping trip,  I went to Mac and there was only the
Peacocky range that appealed to me so I bought and eyeshadow called Peek at you,  its a beige gold colour and really nice as a base or neutral every day shadow.  I also bought a Decleor Wrinkle prevention eye cream, wow, i love it, it leaves no stickiness on the skin at all,  my under eyes feel so smooth and comforted,  I will see if it improves my dark circles and wrinkles, i mean laughter lines.

Actually,  now that i havnt blown the budget i can get a few things next month from the Mac Wonder Woman range.  I will try and post pictures of the stuff im gabbering onabout soon as my daughter is going to give me a lesson on how to download pictures onto my blog.

bye bye for now.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mac Wonder Woman

Hi all,
I wish the Mac Wonder Woman had been launched today here in the UK  like it has been in the USA.  I do wonder why we have to wait another month, its just not fair boo hoo.   Ive already chose 2 items im going to buy so i will just have to be patient.  The Mac Peacocky range is going on-line today and normally i do buy that way but im not sure about a few things so im going to check it out at my local (ish) store on thursday instead.