Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mac Playing Koi lipstick (Quite Cute collection) Dupe.

I received Mac Playing Koi lipstick today, i though it would be similar to Mac Myth with the description saying it was a peach toned satin lipstick.  To me its a light pink, nothing like Myth at all, no blue tones which is good in my book as i hate anything blue toned in lipsticks and blushers.

Anyway when i applied the lipstick it actually reminded me of a matte lipstick as there was no sheen at all to it.  I had to apply a balm over the top to stop it feeling so dry, which i didnt mind.  The colour instantly reminded me of another lipstick in my collection called India by NYX,  so if you have that one theres probably no need for the Mac one.

Thats all i bought from this collection which is quite good for me.  But i am saving up for 4 products from the Surf collection in May by Mac, or is it Surf Baby, i forget.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Make up Guru's im loving

Glitterdollz7,  im pretty sure shes a geordie, they are always down to earth people,  shes a sweet girl, and so talented, i daily check for her tutorials, ive learnt so much from them.

Make up geek,  she was the very first guru i started to watch about 2 years ago and i still enjoy her tutorials, she makes it look so easy and the end results are always stunning.

Bombshellsuite,  this girl is always smiling and her videos cheer me up, her make up look is nearly always nude and neutral, which is a look i love, so im always interested in her hauls and what new nude things shes bought.

Juicytuesday,  shes always hyper ha ha, thats just her personality, shes a sweetheart and her videos are always enjoyable.

Bunzie13,  very educational tutorials and she always zooms in close so you can really see how shes applying her eye make up. She also does great favourite videos.

Hollyymbb,  a down to earth guru who likes all the colours of make up that i like too, nudes and corals, so her videos and blogs are right up my street.

2 people i miss as they dont blog or do videos anymore;

Lollipop 26,  very calm and funny girl.  Come back please ha ha.
The Gloss goss,  blogs always made me laugh. Come back please ha ha.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mac Bite of and Apple Dupe

While out shopping the other day a blusher caught my eye, i knew id seen a similar colour before but couldnt think what, then i remembered, i swatched the blusher and knew it was almost identical, so i bought two as the blusher was only £3.49 approx each.

I love the blusher as much if not more than the Mac Bite of an Apple blush,  the only difference apart from the price is the Mac one is slightly more peach toned than pink, but only very slightly.

I will post pictures shortly if anyone is interested, and if anyone is desperate to know then please message me and i will tell you the name of it.