Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mac attack

So i went into town again today as i was bored and couldnt face doing much of anything.  After picking up a Starbucks strawberry frappucino i decided to have a look at the Mac counter as there were quite a few eyeshadows on my wish list and thought i might pick one of them up.  This is what i actually bought;

Mac Ricepaper eyeshadow,  i would describe this as a very nice golden beige,  i love just putting a wash of colour over the lid when im in a rush and cant decide what colour to go for and this eyeshadow fits the bill perfect.  I think its a frost colour but when i tried it on it gave a nice glow to my eyes without the harsh white icy finish that some eyeshadows have and that i actually hate.

Mac Grain eyeshadow,  i have no clue what this eyeshadow colour is really as i havnt tried it yet.  I wanted a peach colour something similar to Orb maybe darker,  peach eyeshadows are really hard to find so i settled on this one.  It looks like a neutral pale peach,  its a satin,  so the finish should be nice.

Mac Warm Soul mineralized blusher,  i had my eye on Margin blusher but had heard good reviews about Warm Soul so i swatched them both together to decide which i wanted.  They are very similar in colour, a sort of peachy brown colour, but not dark at all.  I went for the Warm Soul as the finish looked nicer and it was a little bit lighter in colour.  Im very pale so i think i made a good choice as on it gives a lovely glow to the skin.  I really wanted a blush that would go with any lipstick and eyeshadow colour and that i didnt need a highlighter for when im in a rush.

In-store they were sampling the new Marc Jacobs perfume but i already had perfume on so the assistant gave me a small sample bottle to take away,  i think its a lighter version of the Daisy perfume and it smelt lovely,  im pretty sure its called Daisy Eau So Fresh.

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