Friday, 6 May 2011

Mac Surf Baby Haul, pictures, swatches and mini review (May 2011)


Left to right. My Paradise Cheek Colour Orange Section,  then the gold overspray.  Next is Short Shorts Eyeshadow and lastly is the Naturally Eccentric lipstick swatch.  I didnt swatch the pencil as i wouldnt have shown up.

My Paradise Cheek Powder.
This is a blusher to me,  its an orange colour, but not too bright,  its similar to Mac Instant Chic, Peaches, Melba and is totally different to the likes of Mac Ripe Peach and Mac Marine Life.  They have more of a coral tone to them whereas My Paradise to me is orange.  The overspray is a gold colour, which i dont like and i hope it disappears after a few swipes of the brush.  All in all i do like this cheek powder but the colour is nothing unique and if i had swatched it in person i probably wouldnt have bought it.

Gilded White Powerpoint Pencil. (not swatched)
This instantly said to me inner tear duct and i tried it today and it looks lovely, it brightens up to eyes and i will use it for that purpose only.  Its a yellowy gold shimmer colour with a smooth application so im pleased with this.  Is very different from the I Get No Kick pencil that was out a few months back which was from the Cham Pale collection.

Short Shorts Eyeshadow.
Im pretty sure this is a frost formulation,  its a pale white gold colour, it very much reminds me of Purist by Bareminerals.  I wore it today on its own just with black mascara and it looked lovely.  You could also use this shadow for the inner tear duct area as its a pale colour.  It hasnt got that icy white shimmer to it which i hate, its just a really nice colour to brighten the eye.

Naturally Eccentric Lipstick.
This is a very pale nude, much paler than i expected,  i recently bought Mac Playing Koi and that is so dry i decided to put Naturally Eccentric over it and its a perfect combination.  Naturally Eccentric is a lustre and doesnt look right on its own  with my beloved Mac Subculture lip liner (too thin looking if you know what i mean, kind of see through)  so it will be a top up lipstick, one i wear over Playing Koi and Myth etc.  Its nice and creamy and very similar to Mac Equality (All ages, all sexes, etc) collection from last year.

So im pretty pleased with everything,  the thing i thought i would love the most is the thing i love the least and thats the My Paradise,  its not a patch on Mac Ripe Peach and Mac Marine Life.  I probably will give it to my daughter or mum.

All items mentioned on my blog are bought by myself with my own money.


  1. I like the flower indentation in the cheek powder (:

  2. lovely haul! I am dying to try the cheek powder!:)
    I am holding a giveaway. Do enter.. :)

  3. haw! really? But its so pretty! Sad you had to scratch it off! :( I'll try it before buying it now..:D But I am veryyy tan.. so hopefully, it'll look good. :)

  4. The Paradise Cheek Powder looks gorgeous! The flower is so pretty!

  5. OOOO in my wish list for friday ^___^ xxx

  6. Not too keen on the packaging, but the blush looks really pretty! :) :)