Wednesday, 26 October 2011


This weekend i visited Paris.,  One of the highlights of my trip there was going to be a look round the beauty store Sephora.  After watching many a You Tube video this store to me sounded like the place to go for everything beauty related so i was expecting the magnificent, not so. First of all i had a list of a few must buys, Lorac babydoll lipstick, Tarte amazon blusher, Fresh sugar lip treatment, and Mac eyeshadow in Soft Brown, non of which are available in England.  What a huge disappointment to find out they had non of the items on my list.  But the worst thing was the sales assistants were out right rude to me, unhelpful, stoney faced and like i said RUDE.  After looking forward to visiting this store for so long it was a huge let down in every sense of the word, even the staff who were on the Mac counter and i presume work for Mac were just awful to me.  I couldnt wait to get out of the place.  

I found Paris itself to be a beautiful enchanting city but the French people i had dealings with were just horrible, so i will never visit this city again, which is a real shame.


  1. How disappointing! Such a shame you had a bad experience with going to Sephora, as I visited one in Italy which was very pleasant and the staff were very friendly! I've never been to Paris but it is definitely on my wish list of places to go, I'll just ensure I stay clear of their Sephora! ;) xx

  2. Sorry to hear you had such a horrible time! You can buy Fresh products in London. There is a shop in Marylebone where they do mail order if you phone them x

  3. Je suis désolé de l'apprendre. Tu as fait une généralisation abusive. Félicitations.

  4. I'm going to level with you here. I stayed in France for a while (and I'm American, so it was bound to be...well, bad) both in Paris and Tours, and I'm never been treated so miserably by any general group of people. What's worse is that most of the time I wasn't even able to open my mouth to show that I was indeed trying to speak French. Even my French teachers growing up (I studied the language since age 6) outright told me verbatim "the French are rude."
    So I'm sorry, Jessica, but that may be a generalization that is accurate. In comparison to the social attitudes of most other cultures on Earth, the French are horribly rude, and also, the Sephora I went to in France was nothing like a US Sephora (partly due to the people).