Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mac Playing Koi lipstick (Quite Cute collection) Dupe.

I received Mac Playing Koi lipstick today, i though it would be similar to Mac Myth with the description saying it was a peach toned satin lipstick.  To me its a light pink, nothing like Myth at all, no blue tones which is good in my book as i hate anything blue toned in lipsticks and blushers.

Anyway when i applied the lipstick it actually reminded me of a matte lipstick as there was no sheen at all to it.  I had to apply a balm over the top to stop it feeling so dry, which i didnt mind.  The colour instantly reminded me of another lipstick in my collection called India by NYX,  so if you have that one theres probably no need for the Mac one.

Thats all i bought from this collection which is quite good for me.  But i am saving up for 4 products from the Surf collection in May by Mac, or is it Surf Baby, i forget.

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