Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Seek and ye shall find.

For a full year i have been searching for a blusher that i heard was great and i just couldnt accept that i didnt have this in my collection,  the blusher in question was Mac's Fun and games from the hello kitty collection,  i originally saw this blusher in a cco a few miles away but decided against it and went for the pretty baby beauty powder instead, but then as i regretted not buying it i decided to go back for it, well you guessed it was gone, oh well, no not oh well,  i was on a mission.  After endless searching on some brilliant mac and other high end  discontinued product sites i nearly gave up, then i saw one on e bay and bought it straight away despite it been way over priced.  So the search is over and its now in my possession, was it worth the wait?  yes, i love it and now i just might try and find its little sister in the collection called Tippy, who knows i might strike lucky and find this one too.

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