Saturday, 30 April 2011

What im going to buy soon.

Ive been saving up for a number of things lately,  here's what im going to buy soon.

mac naturally eccentric lipstick
mac short shorts eyeshadow
mac my paradise blusher
mac gilded white eyeliner

all of the above are due out in the Mac Surf Baby collection in May in the uk.

I might also look at the alpha girl beauty power from another collection that comes out on the same day i think the collection is called Fashion Flower.  It looks a lovely soft peachy pink colour.

Im also going to buy some Clinique cleansing balm, as its one of the only cleansers that removes my Estee Lauder doublewear foundation.  Ive used 3 tubs of this and until i find something better i will repeat buy.

Please follow me and tell me what make up products your going to buy soon.



  1. hmmm i'm probably eyeing NARS New Order Blush and some stuff from Hard Candy !

  2. How do you decide which mac products you want to buy, I hate the thought of wasting my money in case I don't like it xxx