Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mac Surf Baby Haul

So the Mac Surf Baby collection came out today on-line here in England.  I ordered at dinnertime as i didnt want things to sell out fast like in the Quite Cute collection.

I ordered the things i already knew i wanted for sure which are:

Mac My Paradise cheek colour (peach colour with a lovely gold flower on it)
Mac Gilded White powerpoint eyeliner (white with a hint of gold)
Mac Naturally Eccentric lipstick ( very pale nude)
Mac Short Shorts eyeshadow ( white champagne colour)

I was going to order one of the sun tints but i wasnt sure which colour would suit me best so i will have a look at that in person when its out in store.

The whole lot came to just short of £59.00,  its quite alot but i do like Mac products, there good quality and you get a good amount of product for your money.

From the Quite Cute collection i only bought Playing Koi lipstick so i was quite good there and didtnt spend too much on that collection ha ha.

I will show photos of the products when they arrive on Thursday.


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  1. Subbed using GFC :) Mac is a good range, although pricy sometimes. I havent picked anything from this range up yet but I might. Still deciding :)x